Book I, The Dream Guardian Series

Where Dreams are Real


Sixteen-year-old Terryn Loften is the only one who can calm her twin brother, Trigg, when the night terrors come.

He screams in an indistinguishable language when they happen, yet when woken he says he can’t remember why.

Terryn knows he’s lying, but she understands. She has a secret of her own.

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Cover of No Time to Cry, Book 1 in Dream Guardian Series

Between living and dreaming there is a third thing.

Antonio Machado

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Imperious Nox Origin Story

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Long ago, the Light woke in a cosmic field of stars everlasting and filled space and all that in there was.

Yet, it was alone. So, the Light breathed and created all the races of sentient beings of the Unbroken Universe. The first generation made were the pixies, spirits, and sylphs. Creatures of the wind and sea, they loved to build and explore everywhere the Light shone.

However, after many years of travel, they grew proud and haughty. When the Light came, they were too busy flying through the cosmic fields to listen.

So, Light created the second generation: dwarves, the durdalius, and gnomes. The creatures of the ground who hated travel and loved to tend the land around them. For many years, the Light blessed the second generation. It gave them three planets to call home where the dirt was rich and any seed planted brought forth abundant fruit.

But it was not to last. The creatures of the ground became stubborn and resentful of their beautiful brothers and sisters of the sky. When the Light came, they complained of their ugliness and toil and hid in deep caves so they would not have to see.

In despair, the Light created a third generation. A generation with the gifts of the first two, but none of their faults. And so, humans and elves came into being. The Light blessed them with the third sector – home to four planets. The races spread between the four planets and flourished. However, after many years, they became lonely and yearned for their siblings.

Hearing their cries, the Light created a new dimension that reached every world belonging to the generations. It was called Imperious Nox, the land of dreams at twilight.


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S. E. Henry

S. E. Henry is an author of young adult fantasy and other wondrous stories.

She lives between the oaken woods that line the Mississippi River and the Midwest prairies. She is fascinated by stories that take place on the edges — for that is where the magic hides.

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Cover of No Time to Cry, Book 1 in Dream Guardian Series

No Time to Cry

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No Time to Cry